Top 7 Mistakes Ontario’s Contractors Should Avoid When Renting Construction Equipment

Top 7 Mistakes Ontario’s Contractors Should Avoid When Renting Construction Equipment

Bercon Rentals’ team has been in Ontario’s aerial equipment rental industry for decades, and through this time we’ve heard from clients about some of the pitfalls they’ve encountered. 

Here are some mistakes to avoid when renting.

Not Ordering the Right Equipment for the Job

“Go big or go home” is right, when it comes to some projects. If you don’t have the lift with the height you need, a boom that stretches far enough or a forklift powerful enough, getting your job done may not only be difficult, but impossible.

Our team of professionals are available to visit your site and consult, to ensure you get the right piece of equipment that ensures you get the job done right the first time.

You can also search our online list of equipment rentals to find the equipment with the specs you need.

Bercon Equipment Teaching

Failing to Train Your Equipment Operators

Ensuring that your operators are properly trained and certified will ensure the job gets done efficiently and safely!

For this reason, Bercon Rentals offers training programs on specific machinery that we rent. 

We provide complete safety training dedicated to meeting the distinct needs of the construction industry for compliance with aerial, scissor and boom lifts as well as forklifts and telehandlers. 

Register for an upcoming safety course right now.

Renting For Too Short of a Time

    We get it, things happen. That’s why you should always consider adding a buffer amount of time for “unforeseen circumstances” that can occur in your project. 

     Bercon Rentals works with our clients in situations where unplanned circumstances extend far beyond your control. In many situations we can work with your team to adjust schedules on our end to ensure a smooth finish to every equipment rental period.

    Forgetting About Insurance Coverage

    As a business owner, you know the importance of being insured for damage, theft and general liability. Equipment rental insurance is just as important. 

    Insurance protects your company and Bercon Rentals from unnecessary financial loss due to unexpected damage or theft of equipment. The coverage keeps it simple, both in terms of ensuring your financial loss and limiting administration. And by using your preferred insurance carrier, you are comfortable with the insurer and their service. 
    Learn more about how Bercon Rentals is here to help protect you when bad things happen.

    Renting from Unreliable Companies

    As previously mentioned, Bercon Rentals has decades of experience and trust built throughout Southwestern Ontario. Unfortunately, not all equipment rental companies are built the same.

    That’s why you need to only trust the best, and even though the ‘big’ companies have the biggest ads, that doesn’t mean they provide expert 24/7 support on their equipment. Take a moment to dig into why Bercon Rentals is the preferred rental provider of choice from Windsor to Ottawa! 

    Forgetting to Reserve the Equipment

    Life gets busy and sometimes things get missed. Few construction contractors will admit that every project they have ever worked on didn’t have a glitch or two. Even equipment rentals are left to the last minute. In that case, contact Bercon Rentals. Speak with one of our professional team members and we’ll help you get the equipment you need faster than you can say “ready to roll”.

    Ignoring Safety Precautions

    Safety protocols are not just designed to protect the person operating the equipment, but those around them too. Ignoring safety measures can lead to injuries, damages, project delays and high costs. 

    Bercon Rentals prioritizes safety and only rents equipment that meets Ontario’s highest safety standards. It is important to understand and implement all proper safety rules. If you have questions about equipment safety, contact us to confirm – this way you will not only protect yourself and your crew, but ensure your project remains smooth and efficient.

    Avoid Mistakes and Trust Southern Ontario’s Equipment Rental Professionals

    Save yourself significant time, money, health issues and hassle when renting equipment by following these insights. Interested in renting equipment in Ontario? Trust Bercon Rentals – leaders in customer service.

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