The Top 5 Must-Have Equipment Rentals in Ontario

The Top 5 Must-Have Equipment Rentals in Ontario

When it’s time to build something new and something great, your crew has the time, capacity and energy to take it on. However, depending on the project scope, you may not have the essential pieces of equipment that you need to get the job done right.

Bercon Rentals is one of Ontario’s favourite equipment rental companies, dedicated to providing exactly what you need, whether you’re building a tower in Toronto or a warehouse in Waterloo.

We have every piece of equipment rental you need – including these five ‘must-haves’ for your project. Check them out and contact us directly to order. 

Articulating Boom Lift

Renting one of Bercon’s articulating boom lifts gives your site flexibility and efficiency. With precise articulation and extension up to 150 feet, our lifts adapt to your project needs, promoting a safer and more productive work environment.

Depending on the location of your project and the size of the lift required, Bercon can provide electric or gas-powered aerial work platforms, delivered in as little as 24 hours.

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One-man Drivable

Get where you need to go with this compact unit that is fully operable by only one person without compromising safety or performance.

Ideal for maintenance, painting, or electrical work, these user-friendly lifts will increase your crew’s productivity with their maneuverability and ease of use. The one-man drivable lift allows a single operator to efficiently access elevated areas. 

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Light Tower

When your project runs a little later into the day than originally scheduled, keeping the lights on is as crucial as your crew doing the work.

Continue productivity and safety well after sunset or any other low-light conditions with our powerful and energy-efficient light towers that guarantee consistent visibility.

Our light tower rentals give you a cost-effective means to illuminate your site without the long-term costs associated with ownership.

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Mini Crawler Crane

If you need a lift in a tight place, nothing tops a Bercon mini crawler crane. Whether you’re inside or outside, these machines are small enough to maneuver through standard doors but packed with enough strength to lift up to six tons of materials. 

Perfect for installing HVAC systems and other heavy materials like steel beams, our mini crawler crane is highly efficient and allows your crew to stay on time and on budget while getting the job done safely.

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Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

If you don’t have a level base, trust Bercon’s rough terrain scissor lifts, which can get the job done with up to a 50% grade! With four-wheel drive, and dual fuel (gas/propane) or diesel engine, these flexible, all-terrain machines can get where they need to be and get the job done right.

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Lock in Your Equipment from Bercon Today

Why bear the burden of ownership when you can rent your equipment and be supported by a local team of technicians ready to assist? Reach out to your local Bercon Rentals representative so that we can work with you to ensure the equipment you rent from us is the right piece for the job. 

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Bercon Rentals takes pride in serving your needs, whether you’re in construction, industrial, commercial or any other industry that needs high-quality equipment with a team to back it up.

‘The Bercon Difference’ is not just our motto – it’s a commitment to help you find what you need and have a great experience using it. Reach out to our sales team to see for yourself why our customers love us and you too will experience the Bercon Difference soon.

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