Ontario Construction Equipment Rental Trends: Insights Into New Equipment and New Ways to Do Things Better

Ontario Construction Equipment Rental Trends: Insights Into New Equipment and New Ways to Do Things Better

The evolution of technology, equipment advancements and changing economic conditions impact our customers’ business’ equipment needs, whether Bercon Rentals is needed on a small construction site or on one of the largest construction projects in Ontario.

Here are some of the trends.

Bercon Mini Spider Crane on site

Tech Advancements in Equipment Rentals

Technology changes are constant and are rethinking every stage of a project, from planning to design to construction. 

Our team at Bercon Rentals are seeing a large increase in demand for real-time information that includes transport and equip GPS technology, telematics for optimal efficiency of equipment and digital apps that allow our clients to have access to rent equipment online. 

Bercon Rentals continues to add new fleet that addresses the need for telematics and GPS technology, along with new and more efficient features that include welders, high capacity equipment and attachments.

Equipment With Environmental Considerations

Ontario’s push for sustainable development has increased the demand for equipment and processes that are better for the environment.  

New electric-powered equipment allows for noise cancellation and zero emissions in keeping with Bercon Rentals’ goal to protect the environment. 

We’re committed to green construction initiatives by offering a range of electric options to help our clients meet their requirements and corporate sustainability goals.

Flexibility in Rental Equipment Unlike Ever Before

    Aerial work platforms, material handling equipment, cranes and much more!

    The one thing that will remain the same in construction projects is: things always change. Project-specific demands have led to a need for more flexible rental options.

    Bercon Rentals has customized rental plans that provide the flexibility our clients need, from the type of equipment to the length of rentals to the amount of support needed from our amazing service team. 

    Our commitment to remaining flexible, like our customers, helps us give you access to equipment as and when needed, reducing the cost of ownership and costly maintenance. Our online platform, eQuip+, makes learning about equipment and booking easy.

    Even More Focus on Safety and Training

    Fortunately, safety remains a top priority in the construction industry. New regulations coupled with the changes to aerial work platform equipment necessitate ongoing training and education, even for those who may know the operations best.

    Bercon Rentals offers comprehensive training programs for operators to ensure they are proficient in using our latest equipment. Our informative training sessions cover best practices for sites in Ontario and safety protocols, helping to reduce the risk of accidents and improve project safety.

    Expect More Innovation With Bercon Rentals

    The construction equipment rental industry in Ontario is evolving rapidly. Bercon Rentals, as always, is at the forefront of these changes.
    Are you committed to product, service and industry innovation?

    Choose the rental equipment that makes the difference – check out our guide to first-time renters and reach out to us for more information.

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