How Bercon Rentals Saves You Time and Money

How Bercon Rentals Saves You Time and Money

If you’re a business owner looking to be more efficient, there’s no better place to start than by reevaluating your equipment usage – one cost you can control right now.

As one of Ontario’s leading equipment rental providers, Bercon Rentals is known for its premier team of product managers and stellar customer service that contributes to the success of businesses across Ontario. And you have access to all of that while providing your business with significant savings.

What exactly do you get when you rent with Bercon? We’re glad you asked…

Fast Access to High-Quality Equipment

Spending your profits by outright purchasing expensive equipment will certainly put a strain on your budget. Bercon Rentals eliminates this burden by giving you the same high-quality equipment with only a moment’s notice. Our team is here to deliver you the aerial work platforms, material handling equipment, spyder cranes and carry deck cranes and everything else you need, often as soon as the same day. 

No Maintenance Costs

Do you want the burden of maintaining equipment, and hope that things don’t break down at the least opportune time? We take the crucial responsibility of maintenance off your shoulders. 

Not only is our fleet well maintained, but we have a team of service technicians on the road ready to assist when you need assistance fast. Renting your equipment through Bercon is a great way to reduce your project’s downtime while tackling the unforeseen costs associated with equipment breakdowns.

Flexibility to Pivot

If you own your equipment, who knows if it would have the capacity to address your site’s specific needs? Bercon Rentals has a large selection of aerial lifts that meet your needs, whether you need to rise one storey or 186 feet. This ensures that you only pay for the equipment you need when you need it, and also ensures that the equipment you need is available.

No Equipment Storage Costs

Buying equipment means keeping it stored safely, taking up space even when you don’t need it. This costly expense is a thing of the past with rentals through Bercon. 

Simply return your equipment when your project is complete. We’ll take care of the storage.

The Latest Technology

Your business is constantly evolving, with technology playing an important role in making your business faster and less expensive than before. Bercon Rentals gives your business access to the latest and most innovative equipment without the pricey investment.

Expert Advice and Training

Bercon Rentals doesn’t only provide the equipment! We offer expert guidance and training on every piece of equipment we rent. This minimizes your learning curve, preventing costly mistakes and delays. This also helps to keep your team safe.

Improving Cash Flow

Capital tied up in equipment purchases can restrict your cash flow. Bercon Rentals liberates your capital, allowing you to invest in your people, capital upgrades or seize other opportunities as they arise. Costs are predictable and easy to recoup costs on through accounting for them in your client’s project budget. 

Save Money. Save Time. Rent with Bercon.

Bercon Rentals is here for businesses that want to save time and money. 

In doing so, we encourage businesses to focus on what they do best and thrive, with Bercon at their side. 

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‘The Bercon Difference’ is not just our motto – it’s a commitment to help you find what you need and have a great experience using it. Reach out to our sales team to see for yourself why our customers love us and you too will experience the Bercon Difference soon.

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