Highlighting the Top 10 Best Equipment to Rent in Ontario

Highlighting the Top 10 Best Equipment to Rent in Ontario

Those working in construction, landscaping and industrial work know that having the right equipment can make all the difference. 

Bercon Rentals in Hamilton, Ontario is your premier choice for the pieces of equipment you need to get the job done right. In celebration of the huge inventory we have at the ready for our customers, here is a breakdown of 10 pieces that we know you’ll love.

Towable Light Tower

Extend your working day, even in the height of winter, with this easy-to-setup tower to provide up to 5,000 square metres of light coverage with an average level of 20 luxes.

Along with a large amount of light, these towers are designed with enhanced safety features and LED lighting technology to allow for higher quality lighting than our competition. 

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185CFM Compressor

Whether you’re using a jackhammer to break up concrete, a nailgun at a home construction site or purging water from an underground sprinkler system, this compressor (and its even more powerful cousin the 375CFM Compressor) can be easily hitched to your vehicle to give you the air-powered gusto your project needs.

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Electric Scissor Lift

Ontario workers require equipment that reaches new heights, and our fleet of electric scissor lifts is the perfect choice to make it happen. 

Bercon’s aerial work platforms offer a safe and easy way to access elevated areas, helping you reach the job that needs to get done, whether it’s maintenance, construction or installation. 

Bercon Rentals has a range of lifts to meet the specific needs of your project, from 19’ to way up to 40’!

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Mini Crawler Crane

This reliable piece of equipment gives you powerful lifting space in confined areas. It’s small enough to maneuver into tight spots with access through most standard entry doors, while giving you the power you need to get your material up higher. 

This crane can be delivered to most places in Southern Ontario and comes with a hexagonal boom, anti-two block system and automatic hook stow system.

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30’–32′ Electric Articulating Boom Lift

Fully battery-powered and built to handle extreme temperatures in Ontario, this articulating boom lift operates very quietly with zero emissions. Built to safe specifications, there is no tail swing and has a built-in self-levelling platform. 

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10,000lb Telehandler

Our 10,000-lb telehandler, also known as a telescopic handler, is a beast of a machine that combines the best of a forklift with a crane. Bercon Rentals offers a selection of telehandlers designed to handle a variety of materials, with capacity handling from 5,000lb to 16,000lb. 

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5,000lb Electric Warehouse Forklift

Move a variety of equipment, materials and supplies faster and easier than ever with this robust electric warehouse forklift. Whether you’re in a warehouse or factory setting, this forklift has a small turning radius and very few emissions to make operating it a breeze. Check out our other forklifts here.

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20’–25’ One-man Drivable

Drive our one-man driveable through doorways and improve productivity you never thought possible. It’s designed to operate with a zero inside turning radius and is still driveable when fully elevated. Plus, its electric operation ensures no emissions in your confined spaces.

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Smartlift SL 380 Outdoor High Lifter

Moving large glass panels across basement shafts and up to higher heights is no easy feat. Especially without this off-road and highly maneuverable outdoor high lifter. Our high lifter has dual dear wheels, ergonomic handles and two vacuum circuits with two pumps – helping to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

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32’ Mast Articulating Boom Lift

These easy-to-operate machines have narrow turning radiuses and boast stability and ease of use for a wide range of work. The 32’ height, platform capacity of 500lb and platform size of 29”x 29” create a more versatile working area that allows your crew members to do more and move more efficiently.

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Bercon Rentals has the Wide Range of Equipment That Ontario’s Businesses Need

Whether you’re in Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, London or beyond, trust Bercon Rentals here in Ontario to deliver high-calibre equipment with stellar customer service to back up every rental. 

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