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Ontario Construction Equipment Rental Trends: Insights Into New Equipment and New Ways to Do Things Better

Ontario Construction Equipment Rental Trends: Insights Into New Equipment and New Ways to Do Things Better

The evolution of technology, equipment advancements and changing economic conditions impact our customers’ business’ equipment needs, whether Bercon Rentals is needed on a small construction site or on one of the largest construction projects in Ontario.

Here are some of the trends.

Bercon Mini Spider Crane on site

Tech Advancements in Equipment Rentals

Technology changes are constant and are rethinking every stage of a project, from planning to design to construction. 

Our team at Bercon Rentals are seeing a large increase in demand for real-time information that includes transport and equip GPS technology, telematics for optimal efficiency of equipment and digital apps that allow our clients to have access to rent equipment online. 

Bercon Rentals continues to add new fleet that addresses the need for telematics and GPS technology, along with new and more efficient features that include welders, high capacity equipment and attachments.

Equipment With Environmental Considerations

Ontario’s push for sustainable development has increased the demand for equipment and processes that are better for the environment.  

New electric-powered equipment allows for noise cancellation and zero emissions in keeping with Bercon Rentals’ goal to protect the environment. 

We’re committed to green construction initiatives by offering a range of electric options to help our clients meet their requirements and corporate sustainability goals.

Flexibility in Rental Equipment Unlike Ever Before

    Aerial work platforms, material handling equipment, cranes and much more!

    The one thing that will remain the same in construction projects is: things always change. Project-specific demands have led to a need for more flexible rental options.

    Bercon Rentals has customized rental plans that provide the flexibility our clients need, from the type of equipment to the length of rentals to the amount of support needed from our amazing service team. 

    Our commitment to remaining flexible, like our customers, helps us give you access to equipment as and when needed, reducing the cost of ownership and costly maintenance. Our online platform, eQuip+, makes learning about equipment and booking easy.

    Even More Focus on Safety and Training

    Fortunately, safety remains a top priority in the construction industry. New regulations coupled with the changes to aerial work platform equipment necessitate ongoing training and education, even for those who may know the operations best.

    Bercon Rentals offers comprehensive training programs for operators to ensure they are proficient in using our latest equipment. Our informative training sessions cover best practices for sites in Ontario and safety protocols, helping to reduce the risk of accidents and improve project safety.

    Expect More Innovation With Bercon Rentals

    The construction equipment rental industry in Ontario is evolving rapidly. Bercon Rentals, as always, is at the forefront of these changes.
    Are you committed to product, service and industry innovation?

    Choose the rental equipment that makes the difference – check out our guide to first-time renters and reach out to us for more information.

    Top 7 Mistakes Ontario’s Contractors Should Avoid When Renting Construction Equipment

    Top 7 Mistakes Ontario’s Contractors Should Avoid When Renting Construction Equipment

    Bercon Rentals’ team has been in Ontario’s aerial equipment rental industry for decades, and through this time we’ve heard from clients about some of the pitfalls they’ve encountered. 

    Here are some mistakes to avoid when renting.

    Not Ordering the Right Equipment for the Job

    “Go big or go home” is right, when it comes to some projects. If you don’t have the lift with the height you need, a boom that stretches far enough or a forklift powerful enough, getting your job done may not only be difficult, but impossible.

    Our team of professionals are available to visit your site and consult, to ensure you get the right piece of equipment that ensures you get the job done right the first time.

    You can also search our online list of equipment rentals to find the equipment with the specs you need.

    Bercon Equipment Teaching

    Failing to Train Your Equipment Operators

    Ensuring that your operators are properly trained and certified will ensure the job gets done efficiently and safely!

    For this reason, Bercon Rentals offers training programs on specific machinery that we rent. 

    We provide complete safety training dedicated to meeting the distinct needs of the construction industry for compliance with aerial, scissor and boom lifts as well as forklifts and telehandlers. 

    Register for an upcoming safety course right now.

    Renting For Too Short of a Time

      We get it, things happen. That’s why you should always consider adding a buffer amount of time for “unforeseen circumstances” that can occur in your project. 

       Bercon Rentals works with our clients in situations where unplanned circumstances extend far beyond your control. In many situations we can work with your team to adjust schedules on our end to ensure a smooth finish to every equipment rental period.

      Forgetting About Insurance Coverage

      As a business owner, you know the importance of being insured for damage, theft and general liability. Equipment rental insurance is just as important. 

      Insurance protects your company and Bercon Rentals from unnecessary financial loss due to unexpected damage or theft of equipment. The coverage keeps it simple, both in terms of ensuring your financial loss and limiting administration. And by using your preferred insurance carrier, you are comfortable with the insurer and their service. 
      Learn more about how Bercon Rentals is here to help protect you when bad things happen.

      Renting from Unreliable Companies

      As previously mentioned, Bercon Rentals has decades of experience and trust built throughout Southwestern Ontario. Unfortunately, not all equipment rental companies are built the same.

      That’s why you need to only trust the best, and even though the ‘big’ companies have the biggest ads, that doesn’t mean they provide expert 24/7 support on their equipment. Take a moment to dig into why Bercon Rentals is the preferred rental provider of choice from Windsor to Ottawa! 

      Forgetting to Reserve the Equipment

      Life gets busy and sometimes things get missed. Few construction contractors will admit that every project they have ever worked on didn’t have a glitch or two. Even equipment rentals are left to the last minute. In that case, contact Bercon Rentals. Speak with one of our professional team members and we’ll help you get the equipment you need faster than you can say “ready to roll”.

      Ignoring Safety Precautions

      Safety protocols are not just designed to protect the person operating the equipment, but those around them too. Ignoring safety measures can lead to injuries, damages, project delays and high costs. 

      Bercon Rentals prioritizes safety and only rents equipment that meets Ontario’s highest safety standards. It is important to understand and implement all proper safety rules. If you have questions about equipment safety, contact us to confirm – this way you will not only protect yourself and your crew, but ensure your project remains smooth and efficient.

      Avoid Mistakes and Trust Southern Ontario’s Equipment Rental Professionals

      Save yourself significant time, money, health issues and hassle when renting equipment by following these insights. Interested in renting equipment in Ontario? Trust Bercon Rentals – leaders in customer service.

      Should I have Insurance on Equipment Rentals?

      Should I have Insurance on Equipment Rentals?

      When renting equipment from Bercon Rentals it is imperative that our Customers are educated on insurance requirements to ensure that theft, damage and personal injury are covered.

      While we hope you don’t experience either of these situations, we understand that your work is challenging and accidents can occur. It is for this reason that our clients are required to have insurance in place to cover the units’ equipment on rent. This is for all types of equipment rentals, including atrium lifts, articulating boom lifts, electric scissor lifts, mast articulating boom lifts, one-man driveables, one-man push-arounds, rough-terrain scissor lifts, straight boom lifts and any of our other pieces of equipment

      Insurance Benefits Us Both

      Working on side of Building

      Insurance protects both your company and Bercon Rentals from unnecessary financial loss due to unexpected damage or theft of the equipment. The insurance coverage keeps it simple, both in terms of ensuring your financial loss and administration is limited. By using your preferred insurance carrier you are comfortable with the insurer and their service. 

      What Insurance is Required?

      A Certificate of Insurance (COI) can be obtained from your organization’s preferred insurer and it should reflect:

      • Evidence of equipment coverage, often referred to as rented, leased or borrowed equipment, ‘Contractors Rental Floater’ or ‘Blanket Leased Equipment’; and
      • ‘Bercon Rentals Inc.’ listed as an Additional Insured/Loss Payee.

      Insurance can be established as a blanket amount or limited by specifying the dollar amount or the specific piece of equipment. For ease of business and to support your long-term rental needs we recommend either a blanket amount or a limited amount. 

      What is the Bercon Rentals Process?

      Our goal is to partner with you to provide the equipment and service you need in a timely efficient manner. When your company begins to work with Bercon Rentals, our Sales and Credit team will provide you with the support needed to onboard including insurance options. 

      Speak to one of our Bercon Rentals representatives to ensure that proper equipment coverages are in place before your next rental. Reach out to a member of our team right now.

      A Week-Long Celebration of Safety

      A Week-Long Celebration of Safety

      Bercon Rentals celebrated National Safety Week May 6–10 with daily employee events throughout the week

      We focused on a number of subjects specific to safety in our workplace, such as slips, trips, falls, and fall protection. One of our Bercon safety trainers gave a thought-provoking safety presentation, and employees shared what safety means to them.

      At Bercon, safety is not just a priority, it’s engrained in who we are. We are committed to ensuring that every piece of equipment we deliver to our clients is safe and meets all related CSA requirements, reflecting our unwavering dedication to safety.

      Employees also participated in various games including a PPE challenge to be the first to put on all the PPE correctly. (Check out these photos!)

      We are proud of our safety culture and our employees’ commitment to safety in their day-to-day work. Take a minute to learn more about our safety training and Safety Awareness Certification.

      Used Equipment Sale Coming Soon to Toronto!

      Used Equipment Sale Coming Soon to Toronto!

      Expect more savings when it comes to finding great prices on gently used equipment

      Bercon Rentals Used Equipment Sale

      Looking to upgrade your equipment or start a new project in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton or beyond? Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to snag some of Bercon Rentals’ excess used machinery at unbeatable prices!

      Whether you’re an independent contractor, mason, framer or carpenter, our extensive inventory of used equipment has something for everyone.

      Click to View the Catalogue

      What Equipment is for Sale at Bercon Rentals?

      Group of Scissor Lifts

      Equipment for sale includes electric scissors, rough terrain scissors, construction booms, telescopic handlers, material lifts and light towers from North American manufacturers.

      There will be many pieces of equipment at the sale including:

      • 2017 Skyjack SJ12 Vertical Lifts (self-propelled)
      • 2016 Skyjack SJ66T DZ 4×4 Boom Lifts (recon units)
      • 2019 Atlas Copco XAS88 Compressors
      • 2021 Hand Pallet Trucks (HPT55)
      • 2024 Honda EBPC 5000WT Gas Generators

      When is the Used Equipment Sale?

      Thursday, May 30 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

      11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

      Register for the event!

      Where is the Used Equipment Sale?

      Only at the Bercon Rentals site at 503 Carlingview Drive in Etobicoke

      Why Else Should Contractors and Equipment Mangers Attend?

      Bercon Rentals’ knowledgeable sales team and dedicated administration support will be on-site to assist you every step of the way. And if you need financing, we’ve got that covered too with our trusted financing partners.

      The rain-or-shine event includes a free BBQ lunch and prizes, including a chance to win a $500 Home Depot gift card.

      View the complete Use Equipment Sale Catalogue online and register for the event with Melissa at or 905-560-5500.

      How Renting Equipment Can Support Better Business Practices

      How Renting Equipment Can Support Better Business Practices

      125' Straight Boom Lift Workers

      Bercon Rentals knows that renting equipment instead of buying equipment can be a powerful way for businesses to stay ahead in the ever-competitive world of construction and logistics.

      Striving to operate an efficient business that creates a better world for all is a fundamental aspect of responsible corporate conduct. Whether reducing your carbon footprint, minimizing downtime, or saving on costs, businesses throughout Ontario are embracing better practices like renting their equipment.

      We have every piece of equipment rental you need – including these five ‘must-haves’ for your project. Check them out and contact us directly to order. 

      “Why Rent?” Reason #1: Cost Savings

      Elevated SkyJack on Construction Site

      Purchasing equipment, whether new or used, often comes with a hefty price tag, not to mention ongoing maintenance and repair costs. By choosing equipment rentals, your business can significantly reduce its upfront costs, and more easily pass on equipment costs through work contracts.

      Also, instead of tying up valuable capital dollars in machinery, renting allows you to allocate resources more efficiently, investing in other areas of your operations where it is needed most.

      “Why Rent?” Reason #2: Time Savings

      Time = money in Ontario’s business world. Renting equipment eliminates the need for time-consuming tasks such as researching, purchasing, transporting and storing expensive machinery.

      Bercon Rentals allows businesses in Ontario to access high-quality equipment quickly and conveniently, allowing you to focus on your core activities and business objectives. Our simplified rental process allows for easy access to professional rental teams and fast renting through our popular eQuip+ portal.

      “Why Rent?” Reason #3: Reduce Personnel Needs

      By renting equipment, you can eliminate the need for extensive training or hiring additional staff to maintain machinery and be there if it fails.

      Bercon Rentals provides comprehensive support, including equipment setup, training and fast 24/7 onsite support, freeing up your team to focus on essential tasks and projects that drive your goals forward. This is a key factor in the Bercon Difference!

      “Why Rent?” Reason #4: Reduce Equipment Downtime

      Onsite technician visit

      Equipment breakdowns and downtime can disrupt operations and halt work, leading to more costs and wasted time.

      With Bercon’s new rental fleet, businesses can mitigate the risk of unexpected downtime. We ensure that all our equipment undergoes regular maintenance and inspections, minimizing the likelihood of breakdowns and ensuring optimal performance.

      In the event of issues, our responsive team of technicians is available 24/7 to provide prompt assistance, keeping downtime to a minimum.

      “Why Rent?” Reason #5: Help the Environment

      Bercon Mini Spider Crane on site

      Beyond the immediate cost and time savings, renting equipment aligns with your business’s goal to be more sustainable.

      By sharing resources through rentals, businesses can reduce the overall demand for new equipment manufacturing, lowering carbon emissions and resource consumption.

      Bercon’s commitment to maintaining and optimizing our rental fleet means fewer machines end up in landfills, contributing to a circular economy and reducing our environmental impact.

      Expect More When You Rent from Bercon Rentals

      Incorporating wise practices into your operations is no longer a choice but essential in today’s wild corporate world.

      At Bercon Rentals, we recognize the role that equipment rentals play in supporting these efforts. From cost and time savings to reducing equipment downtime and environmental impact, renting equipment offers endless benefits for businesses striving to operate more sustainably. Join Bercon Rentals in embracing a better future for all while optimizing your operations with our comprehensive rentals.

      A Comprehensive Guide for First-time Equipment Renters in Ontario

      A Comprehensive Guide for First-time Equipment Renters in Ontario

      Various Boom Lifts

      Renting equipment for your Ontario business can be an absolute game-changer, giving you and your team flexibility, cost savings, additional time and access to specialized tools without the complications of ownership.

      For first-time equipment renters in Ontario, fully understanding the rental process can seem daunting. That’s why Bercon Rentals, a leading equipment rental company in our province, has this simple guide tailored to people just like you.

      First, Consider Your Equipment Needs

      Group of Scissor Lifts

      Before renting your equipment, it’s always best to determine what you actually need it for. Often, you won’t know the exact piece of machinery needed to complete a job, but you should know what task you ended to accomplish. Do you need to haul drywall, lift lumber, illuminate workspaces, or reach higher? Understanding even the basic requirements of your job will ensure you rent the right equipment and make the rental process go even smoother.

      When you partner with an equipment rental company like Bercon, our knowledgeable team can work with you to determine the exact equipment you need to accomplish your goals.

      Do Your Research on Ontario’s Equipment Rental Companies

      Not all rental companies are created equal. Take the time to research rental companies like Bercon Rentals that stand out in a crowded marketplace. Talk with their rental staff, read reviews, request information on their inventory, and inquire about rental policies and customer service standards.

      These are all the obvious areas you should look into. But don’t forget the next step, which may be difficult to find with many of Ontario’s rental companies.

      Weigh the Not-so-obvious Benefits

      Consider everything included in a rental. Can you talk to a real equipment expert on the phone? Does the business have the equipment you need when you need it? Is your equipment rental provider able to respond to critical equipment breakdowns within an hour?

      Understand the Rental Terms

      Working on side of Building

      Familiarize yourself with rental terms to avoid surprises later. Pay attention to rental durations, rates and deposit requirements – read the entire contract. A clear understanding of the terms will help you understand what your limitations are, and prevent your team from making costly mistakes

      Create a Budget That Works for You

      Renting equipment can offer significant cost savings compared to purchasing, but it’s still essential to budget wisely. Factor in rental fees, delivery or pickup charges, insurance costs, and any additional services you may require.

      Compare quotes from multiple rental companies to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money, and factor in the many additional benefits that some rental companies offer that others do not.

      Ensure That Your Team Has the Proper Training

      Bercon Equipment Teaching

      Proper training ensures safe and efficient use of rented equipment. Before operating any machinery, your team must receive adequate training from knowledgeable professionals.

      Bercon Rentals offers training programs on every piece of machinery it rents and is there to help walk you through answers to any questions you may have about safety and equipment operation. You can even conveniently register for training programs online in just a few minutes.

      Talk With Your Rental Company

      For everyone’s mutual success, keep the lines of communication open with your rental company.

      Whether you have a question, want to learn more about a piece of equipment, are asking about availability or are seeking some other answer, let us know – this is an integral part of your success. A company like Bercon Rentals is here for you 24/7.

      Whether You’re a Rental First-timer or a Veteran, Trust Bercon Rentals

      Renting equipment is a cost-effective solution for Ontario businesses who need quality equipment to complete the job without the financial commitment of ownership.

      By working with Bercon Rentals excellent in-house rental team, first-time renters can navigate the rental process with confidence, ensuring an excellent experience every time. Reach out right now to learn more.

      The Top 5 Must-Have Equipment Rentals in Ontario

      The Top 5 Must-Have Equipment Rentals in Ontario

      When it’s time to build something new and something great, your crew has the time, capacity and energy to take it on. However, depending on the project scope, you may not have the essential pieces of equipment that you need to get the job done right.

      Bercon Rentals is one of Ontario’s favourite equipment rental companies, dedicated to providing exactly what you need, whether you’re building a tower in Toronto or a warehouse in Waterloo.

      We have every piece of equipment rental you need – including these five ‘must-haves’ for your project. Check them out and contact us directly to order. 

      Articulating Boom Lift

      Renting one of Bercon’s articulating boom lifts gives your site flexibility and efficiency. With precise articulation and extension up to 150 feet, our lifts adapt to your project needs, promoting a safer and more productive work environment.

      Depending on the location of your project and the size of the lift required, Bercon can provide electric or gas-powered aerial work platforms, delivered in as little as 24 hours.

      Learn more about articulating boom lift rentals

      One-man Drivable

      Get where you need to go with this compact unit that is fully operable by only one person without compromising safety or performance.

      Ideal for maintenance, painting, or electrical work, these user-friendly lifts will increase your crew’s productivity with their maneuverability and ease of use. The one-man drivable lift allows a single operator to efficiently access elevated areas. 

      Learn more about one-man driveable rentals

      Light Tower

      When your project runs a little later into the day than originally scheduled, keeping the lights on is as crucial as your crew doing the work.

      Continue productivity and safety well after sunset or any other low-light conditions with our powerful and energy-efficient light towers that guarantee consistent visibility.

      Our light tower rentals give you a cost-effective means to illuminate your site without the long-term costs associated with ownership.

      Learn more about light tower rentals

      Mini Crawler Crane

      If you need a lift in a tight place, nothing tops a Bercon mini crawler crane. Whether you’re inside or outside, these machines are small enough to maneuver through standard doors but packed with enough strength to lift up to six tons of materials. 

      Perfect for installing HVAC systems and other heavy materials like steel beams, our mini crawler crane is highly efficient and allows your crew to stay on time and on budget while getting the job done safely.

      Learn more about mini crawler crane rentals

      Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

      If you don’t have a level base, trust Bercon’s rough terrain scissor lifts, which can get the job done with up to a 50% grade! With four-wheel drive, and dual fuel (gas/propane) or diesel engine, these flexible, all-terrain machines can get where they need to be and get the job done right.

      Learn more about rough terrain scissor lift rentals

      Lock in Your Equipment from Bercon Today

      Why bear the burden of ownership when you can rent your equipment and be supported by a local team of technicians ready to assist? Reach out to your local Bercon Rentals representative so that we can work with you to ensure the equipment you rent from us is the right piece for the job. 

      How Bercon Rentals Saves You Time and Money

      How Bercon Rentals Saves You Time and Money

      If you’re a business owner looking to be more efficient, there’s no better place to start than by reevaluating your equipment usage – one cost you can control right now.

      As one of Ontario’s leading equipment rental providers, Bercon Rentals is known for its premier team of product managers and stellar customer service that contributes to the success of businesses across Ontario. And you have access to all of that while providing your business with significant savings.

      What exactly do you get when you rent with Bercon? We’re glad you asked…

      Fast Access to High-Quality Equipment

      Spending your profits by outright purchasing expensive equipment will certainly put a strain on your budget. Bercon Rentals eliminates this burden by giving you the same high-quality equipment with only a moment’s notice. Our team is here to deliver you the aerial work platforms, material handling equipment, spyder cranes and carry deck cranes and everything else you need, often as soon as the same day. 

      No Maintenance Costs

      Do you want the burden of maintaining equipment, and hope that things don’t break down at the least opportune time? We take the crucial responsibility of maintenance off your shoulders. 

      Not only is our fleet well maintained, but we have a team of service technicians on the road ready to assist when you need assistance fast. Renting your equipment through Bercon is a great way to reduce your project’s downtime while tackling the unforeseen costs associated with equipment breakdowns.

      Flexibility to Pivot

      If you own your equipment, who knows if it would have the capacity to address your site’s specific needs? Bercon Rentals has a large selection of aerial lifts that meet your needs, whether you need to rise one storey or 186 feet. This ensures that you only pay for the equipment you need when you need it, and also ensures that the equipment you need is available.

      No Equipment Storage Costs

      Buying equipment means keeping it stored safely, taking up space even when you don’t need it. This costly expense is a thing of the past with rentals through Bercon. 

      Simply return your equipment when your project is complete. We’ll take care of the storage.

      The Latest Technology

      Your business is constantly evolving, with technology playing an important role in making your business faster and less expensive than before. Bercon Rentals gives your business access to the latest and most innovative equipment without the pricey investment.

      Expert Advice and Training

      Bercon Rentals doesn’t only provide the equipment! We offer expert guidance and training on every piece of equipment we rent. This minimizes your learning curve, preventing costly mistakes and delays. This also helps to keep your team safe.

      Improving Cash Flow

      Capital tied up in equipment purchases can restrict your cash flow. Bercon Rentals liberates your capital, allowing you to invest in your people, capital upgrades or seize other opportunities as they arise. Costs are predictable and easy to recoup costs on through accounting for them in your client’s project budget. 

      Save Money. Save Time. Rent with Bercon.

      Bercon Rentals is here for businesses that want to save time and money. 

      In doing so, we encourage businesses to focus on what they do best and thrive, with Bercon at their side. 

      Request a quote today to get a taste of the Bercon Difference!

      Do You Remember Your 2024 Resolution? Seamless, Efficient Equipment Rentals in Ontario

      Do You Remember Your 2024 Resolution? Seamless, Efficient Equipment Rentals in Ontario

      As the New Year unfolds, Ontario businesses are setting resolutions to do more, create stronger partnerships and make ‘working’ a more enjoyable experience.

      If you have similar resolutions, then a call to Bercon Rentals is one you have to make. Our in-house sales team is not just about selling industry-leading equipment; we are committed to building lasting relationships with you, being a one-stop shop for equipment expertise and solving your lifting problems 24/7.

      Let’s take a closer look at how Bercon Rentals’ sales team consistently goes above and beyond.

      Bercon Rentals Staff Photo 2024

      Customer-Relationship Building Every Day

      Our team knows that at the heart of every successful business is being able to understand the people and proactively address their needs. 

      The Bercon Rentals sales team works alongside our equipment rentals team to ensure that you not only have the equipment needed but a comprehensive strategy is developed to ensure we’re always there for you. 

      Equipment Knowledge and Experience

      Every person on our team has a passion for in-depth knowledge about the products and services Bercon offers. 

      By empowering the best people on our team, we’re helping to educate our customers and equip you with the knowledge and know-how needed to address your onsite challenges, whether it is lifting materials, moving people or lighting up the job site. 

      We’re committed to passing on everything we know and being a key player on your team.

      Adaptable to Your Needs

      At any moment, our sales team can adapt its structure to address your industry, needs, conditions and budget. Nothing is set in stone, and we know that every client is unique requiring distinct solutions that cater to your requirements. 

      Need a different piece of equipment? Deciding to tackle a problem in a different way? We’re here to pivot with you – bring it on!

      Problem Solvers

      Not every customer comes to Bercon with a solution to their problem. In many cases, we’re given the problem and seek out solutions to solve it. 

      In some cases, if our current equipment can’t solve it, we’ll even buy equipment to add to our inventory. By taking a proactive approach to solving problems and understanding today’s problems in addition to those of the future, we’re better able to come up with tailored solutions for every need. 

      Single Point of Contact

      We’re a lot like you; we understand how important it is to have a single point of contact who knows and understands our needs.

      That’s why, we value the importance of a single point of contact. When you partner with us, you have a knowledgeable Bercon team member always close by who becomes your go-to resource for all your equipment rental needs. 

      Experience the Bercon Difference Right Now

      As you think about your business resolutions for 2024, and throughout this next 12-month cycle, make better equipment rental processes a priority, wherever you operate. Keep in mind that although we specialize in servicing businesses in Southern Ontario, our equipment has been spotted far outside of our usual boundaries. Reach out to see if we can meet your needs outside of Ontario as well. 

      Let this year be the one when your equipment needs are finally met! Call us at 1-844-560-LIFT (5438) for immediate assistance or visit this page to request a quote.