Our Story

Our Story

The name Bercon is an amalgamation of “Beraldo,” the Hamilton-based family that owns and operates the company, and “construction,” the industry that the family has collectively made its life’s work. Though Bercon Rentals was only founded in 2016, the Beraldo family – like so many of our employees here at Bercon – have been in the equipment rental industry for decades, driven by a deep passion for helping our clients complete projects our community will use for years and decades to come.

Decades of Experience

Bercon started in 2016. The Beraldos started in 1975.
The Beraldos first entered the equipment rental industry in 1975, when Louis Beraldo and his wife Miranda purchased a single crane, which Louis operated while Miranda ran the business out of their home.

Always a Family Business

They worked seven days a week, but it paid off. The company they called Venetor Crane started to grow, and eventually their three sons, Alvi, Tom and Dennis, joined the family business—but only under two conditions from mom and dad:

First, the boys had to get university degrees before they joined the company, so they’d have something to fall back on; second, they had to start at the bottom and work their way up. (Between the three of them, Alvi, Tom and Dennis have done just about every job there is to do in this business.)

Two Companies, Two Constants: People and Passion

Prior to its sale to United Rentals in April 2011, the Beraldos’ former company grew to be the largest privately owned equipment rental company in Eastern Canada.

But while they parted ways with Venetor, there were two aspects of the industry they simply couldn’t shake: the deep passion they have for the business, and the respect, friendship and camaraderie they enjoyed with the people who worked there.

After a few years away, the Beraldos re-entered the equipment rental industry in late 2016 and quickly picked up where they left off. Many of our clients welcomed us back with open arms, and we’re grateful to be able to continue serving them.

For Us, Business is Personal

When we started Bercon and got back into the business in late 2016, we made a deliberate decision to name our company after our family—because for us, this is personal.

Bercon’s company values and the Beraldos’ family values are one and the same, and we go the extra mile to treat our clients the way we want to be treated—because when we say you can Expect More, we mean it.

That’s why we imbue our integrity, passion and personal commitment into every aspect of our business, from our top-of-the-line fleet and exceptional customer service to our transparent pricing and commitment to safety.