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Canada’s Largest Construction Projects Rely on Bercon to Give Them a Lift

Mesley wasn’t able to give Bercon Rentals much of a heads up, but the two businesses put together an equipment plan and made sure that each piece required was onsite when needed. At one point, there were 70 pieces of equipment at the construction site, including telescopic forklifts, boom lifts, welding machines and compressors, with a Bercon Rentals employee working full-time onsite to provide equipment support and undergo preventative maintenance on the rentals.

The largest steel erector in Ontario often takes on big projects like this facility, and trusts Bercon to provide the right equipment for many of them, which include One Bloor West in Toronto (soon to be the tallest building in Canada) and a 54-storey all-steel building at 160 Front Street in Toronto.

Mesley has been Walters’ construction manager for six years and understands the importance of preplanning on these types of large-scale projects. He works alongside his team and suppliers to make sure that erection plans are safe and efficient while having the right people with the right tools on-site on any given day.

“Sometimes we plan months ahead of time, A big job might even be planned a year out. Whatever the job is, we choose Bercon when the option is available to us.”

— Bryce Mesley
Construction Manager for Walters Field Services

Walters Field Services started using Bercon for only projects in the Golden Horseshoe, but quickly realized that the equipment rental company’s customer service simply can’t be matched elsewhere, and had them ship equipment for projects as far away as Saskatchewan!

“Their commitment to a satisfied customer and pricing is untouched from anyone else,” says Mesley. “They really take that extra step to make sure their fleet is in the best service possible. There’s never old beaten-up equipment. We’re not paying for their equipment to break down.”

Bercon Rentals is known for its young fleet, but it’s the family mentality and dedication to deliver excellence that matters most to its customers. Mesley continues, “We have a great working relationship that’s incredibly genuine. Bercon is the only company that offers dependability that I can call them any time and they will jump through any hoop. You don’t get that from the big rental companies.”

Bercon Rentals is proud to support Walters Fields Services and its commitment to building some of Canada’s best buildings. We look forward to many more years of exceeding expectations!

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